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5-Day Retreat!

Day 1: 25 Signs of Diet Mentality

We have been programmed that when you want to lose weight, you have to go on a diet. How many diets have you been on? How many times did you lose weight only to gain it all back and then some? How would it feel to never go on a diet again?

Day 2: The 5 Puzzle Pieces to Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating is a coping mechanism we use when we have feelings, both sad and happy. Becoming aware of them is the first step to healing them.

Day 3: Lifestyle Vs Diet

Diets are short-term and Lifestyle is long-term. I will teach you the difference and how they were vital to my success.

Day 4: Tools for Success

I will teach you the Breakthrough Tool and the Compassion Tool, which were instrumental in my healing.

Day 5: Nutrition Vs Weight Loss

There's no harm in admitting that when we eat better, we feel better. When we feel better, we want to eat better. Guaranteed!

Meet the Coach

Hi! I'm Coach Emmie Anne

I am a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. I help women who are sick of dieting and who want to reclaim their life, free of the obsession with their weight, and the food they consume. I help women find their peace, joy, and confidence.

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