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Hi! I'm Coach Emmie Anne


Due to abuse as a child, I developed struggles with food, body image and my weight at the very young age of 8. I battled emotional eating and yo-yo dieting for almost two decades.

In 2004, I found myself over my “panic weight.” I had dieted my way UP the scale! I just knew that there was more to life than always worrying about food, my weight, or the scale, and letting those things dictate my happiness.

That's when I started to understand my emotional eating issues and how to overcome them.

In 2005, I discovered a love for nutrition and personal coaching while in college. I obtained extensive training on how to coach. I took certifications in Motivational Interviewing and worked as a youth counselor with at-risk youth in shelters for almost three years.

My passion for nutrition inspired me to pursue becoming certified as a weight loss coach. I took on that role at a major weight loss corporation where I became a Program & Center Director. Over the course of five years, I coached hundreds of clients on how to lose weight.

I had been struggling with chronic fatigue, migraines and ongoing GI distress for years. Doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong and it was then I decided to take my health back! I adopted a whole foods lifestyle which made a HUGE difference!

My migraines went away, my GI distress was gone, and fatigue was so much better. I had energy! Not to mention, I finally dropped the weight! I stayed committed to changing and overcoming emotional eating by taking a one-step- at-a- time, “wellness first” approach.

I discovered tools that allowed me to let go of using food to cope with the stressors of life and the trauma I endured as a child, so that I could actually stick with healthy eating. I started to no longer need the food and I started to accept and love myself.

My own transformation ended up inspiring me! I believed in the “wellness first” approach that I used to create my own transformation so much that in 2013 I opened up my own coaching practice and named it what the transformation result is: Blissfully Healthy!

I am happy to say I am on the other side of emotional eating and truly enjoying living life! I am now free from the obsession around food and weight. I am happy! I am comfortable in my own skin! My days are filled with living in the moment, enjoying life and all the little things that come with being a mother of three children.

Because of the feeling I have of overcoming personally, I have dedicated the rest of my career to helping women who are still struggling with a weight problem and emotional eating have this same transformation: Freedom!

I'm Ready to be Blissfully Healthy!

This is not another "Before and After" weight loss photo. 

We don't believe in those, because they encourage diet mentality. You see in the photo on the right, I was struggling with emotional eating. I was miserable. It wasn't until I did the internal work that I discovered the tools required to release weight 'as a side effect'. Yes you read that right! You too can lose weight as a side effect, without dieting! 

Start Living Blissfully Healthy

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